Yes, Roadie supports guitars from electric, acoustic, classical, steel, to 7 & 12-string ones. It also supports the ukulele, banjo, and mandolin*. 

Unfortunately, the current version of Roadie does not work on Bass Guitar as it requires more torque (bigger motor) to rotate.

The current version of Roadie is also unable to support any instruments that are equipped with wooden pegs, and is only compatible with those equipped with standard guitar-like pegs. Hence it cannot currently be used with a violin, cello, or oud (lute). 

Other instruments that can be tuned with Roadie include the hammered dulcimer, Chapman stick, and Bajo Sexto.

We are working on a few future versions that should support a wider array of instruments, so please subscribe to our mailing list to stay tuned with our updates and new product releases. 


*Please request an adapter at if tuning a mandolin