What are some common alternate tunings?

Modified on Sat, 13 Feb 2021 at 12:17 AM

We are planning to increase/improve on the the library of available pre-set alternate tuning, but meanwhile feel free to create your own custom tunings. Here are some of the common alternate tunings that are not pre-set: 


Full step down : D2  - G2    - C3   - F3   -  A3  - D4

Drop C:    C2   - G2   - C3    - F3   - A3   - D4

Drop C#: C2♯ - G2♯ - C3♯ - F3# - A3♯ - D4♯

Half step down: E2b - G2♯ - C3♯ - F3♯ - B3b - E4b  (same like Eb tuning)

Open E:    E2   - B2   - E3    - G3♯ - B3   - E4

Drop B:     B1 - F2♯ - B2 - E3 - G3♯ - C4♯

Drop A 7-string:     A1 - E2  - A2 - D3 - G3  - B3 - E4 

Drop A 6-string:     A1 - E2  - A2 - D3 - F3♯ - B3


If you want to find out more about the scientific pitch notation (the numbers next to the note) please check this article.

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