By default, Roadie starts tuning the lowest note first. Therefore, you must place Roadie's peg connector on your instrument’s tuning peg starting with the lowest pitch note first. The string corresponding to the lowest note is the top string in the case of guitars, which is also the thickest string. For example, if you are tuning a 6 strings guitar, begin with the note E2.

When the first string is in tune, Roadie will give you multiple cues to move on to the next string: it will beep, vibrate, and the screen will flash green then display the next string to be tuned.

Of course, you can reverse the order of the notes on your Roadie 3 directly by navigating to “Settings” > “Notes Order”. You can always manually select your desired string directly in the tuning screen of your Roadie 3 by navigating up or down.