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We wanted Roadie 3 to be all about the details. Here are some of the little things that show our fellow musicians that we use what we make and that we listen to your needs. 


How to change your tuning

There are over 150 built-in alternate tunings in Roadie 3 and it’s never been easier to switch between them.

To change tuning: 

  • Select your instrument 
  • Click right to enter the Instrument Settings screen
  • Change the "Standard" tuning to the tuning of your choice
  • Exit the Instrument Settings screen

How to tune with a capo on 

If you would like to tune with a capo on, then we got you covered! 

You can tell Roadie where you placed the capo so that all of your preset tunings will still work perfectly. 

To select the capo:

  • Select your instrument 
  • Click right to enter the Instrument Settings screen
  • Navigate to "Capo" and select the fret number where you placed your capo
  • Exit the Instrument Settings screen

Note: Roadie allows you to choose a capo fret between -4 and 12. You might be wondering what the negative capo value means? Well, we created this option in case you would like to tune a half step, full step, or even 2 steps down. For example, if you select capo -1, Roadie will tune your guitar a half step down. Sure, you can always choose the “Half Step Down” tuning but this might just be quicker for you! 


How to change the A4 reference pitch 

The reference A 440 Hz setting is customizable in 1 Hz increments from 420 Hz to 460 Hz. 

To change the reference pitch:

  • Select your instrument 
  • Click right to enter the  Instrument Settings screen
  • Navigate to "A4: 440Hz" and select your preferred reference pitch
  • Exit the Instrument Settings screen

How to change the tuning accuracy 

If you are looking for higher accuracy (like when recording your jams for instance) you can change the tuning mode to High Accuracy. By default, your Roadie device is set to Fast Tuning mode, which delivers accurate tuning as fast as possible for your everyday practice.

To change the tuning accuracy:

  • Turn on your Roadie 
  • Scroll down to Settings and click right to enter the settings screen
  • Select “Accuracy” right click and choose your mode (Fast Tuning or High Accuracy)
  • Press back (Left) to save

How to enable Tune-up

While it might take a little longer to tune, ending a tuning by tightening the string ensures your instrument stays in tune longer. This will also help you get the best sound out of your instrument.

Tuning in this fashion Roadie brings the string down below pitch then tightens it back up to the correct tuned pitch.

To activate/deactivate tuning up, navigate to "Tune Up" in "Settings" on your Roadie or in the Roadie Tuner app.

Press "Sync" to send the changes to your Roadie.

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